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Iditarod Iditarod Iditarod

Iditarod Race Re-Start Sightseeing: Anchorage - Willow - Anchorage  (AKS08)

Motorcoach transfer 9:30 am from Anchorage along the scenic Glenn Highway to Willow with a short coffee/shopping stopover in Wasilla. Continue to the official Iditarod restart ceremony in Willow which begins at 2:00 pm. Enjoy the busy and bustling Iditarod race atmosphere and the musher's final preparation for the 1050-mile trip throughout Alaska's back country to the finishing line on Front Street in Nome. Our tour is fully escorted! Return to Anchorage approximately 6:00 pm. Overnight: AnchorageTransfer to/from our city hotels or to the airport included. 

Rate per Person: $175.00 (Including Motorcoach Transportation from/to Anchorage)  

Iditarod Checkpoint Tour: Yentna Station Checkpoint Skiplane Flight  (AKS09)

Magnificent fly-out to the Yentna Station Roadhouse – the first remote wilderness checkpoint within Alaska's backcountry - accessible only by snowmobile or ski-plane. Check out the musher's first activities from the small lodge above the riverbed (food/drinks available). The Iditarod trail continuous from here on the frozen Yentna River to Skwentna and further on to Finger Lake. You'll spend about 1-2 hours on the ground to observe the race activities before you return by ski-plane to Anchorage during the late afternoon. This is a recommendable tour if you do not have enough time for a fly-out to the checkpoints at Finger Lake or Rainy Pass. Minimum: 2 Clients

Rate per Person: $900.00

Iditarod Checkpoint Tour: Finger Lakes Checkpoint Skiplane Flight  (AKS10)

Scenic flight to the Finger Lake – also known as Winter Lake checkpoint - within the eastern fringe of the Alaska Range at milepost 194. This is a busy tent check point and It is not very uncommon to have 10 feet of snow on the ground. Observe race activities and watch the Musher's gearing up for the most difficult trip across infamous Rainy Pass. Many teams camp here for a while and feed the dogs. Note: food or drinks are usually not available around the checkpoints. The small lodge on the lake does not cater to any day use guests. So stay away. Afternoon return flight to Anchorage. Deli Style Lunch Box & Soft Drinks included.

Rate per Person: $1090.00

Iditarod Checkpoint Tour: Rainy Pass Checkpoint Skiplane Flight  (AKS11)

Morning Ski-plane flight from Anchorage along the Iditarod trail to the Rainy Pass and the Puntilla Lake checkpoints. The gateway to Alaska's interior offers some of the most spectacular scenery of the entire Iditarod Trail. Many teams are taking their mandatory 24 h. layover here before venturing via the treacherous Farewell Burn area and into the flat lands of Alaska's interior. You'll spend the whole day in this scenic remote wilderness area along the trail observing the many dog-mushing activities around the race. Deli Style Lunch Box & Soft Drinks included. Return to Anchorage in the early evening.

Rate per Person: $1190.00

Iditarod Checkpoint Tour: Nikolai Checkpoint Skiplane Flight  (AKS12)

The Athabasca Alaska Native Village - situated on the south fork of the Kuskowim River - was a former gold rush trading post and roadhouse which connected the the Ophir Gold Mining District with the Cook Inlet. With 50 houses and a population of 125 people, villagers here have a subsistence life style meaning they grow their own vegetables, hunt caribou and moose and fish for salmon. Some people are still trapping too. Many of the villagers gathering around the checkpoint socializing with visitors and mushers. This is a great place to watch the mushers care for their dogs and experience a little bit of life in a remote Alaska village.

Rate per Person: $1390.00

Iditarod Checkpoint Tour: McGrath Checkpoint Fly-out, 2 Day Package  (AKS13)

Morning flight from Anchorage to McGrath - a small village with a population of 400 people on the Kuskowim River. In 1904 McGrath was established as an important trading post and Gold was discovered around McGrath in 1906. The village serves as a major checkpoint during the Iditarod Race and about ten mushers with their dog teams are from the area and are actively participating in the Iditarod race every year ! Return to Anchorage around noon on day two. Our tour includes: Flights from/to Anchorage, Overnight in a Bed & Breakfast, 1-hour Guided Dog Mushing Introduction, 1x Breakfast, 1x Dinner, 1x Deli Style Lunch Box. Minimum: 2 Clients

Rate per Person: $2100.00 from/to Anchorage