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Iditarod Iditarod Iditarod

Iditarod Musher Kennel Tour & Sled Dog Ride (AKS01)

Ever dreamed of moving silently across snowy landscape pulled by a team of Alaskan Huskies? Dog sledding is an exciting introduction to a traditional Alaska winter transportation with lively huskies and a musher with a long time successful Iditarod history. The Susitna Valley is the dog mushing center of Alaska with a great trail system and many well known kennels. Meet the harnessed team and a musher for introductions and photographs. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a popular, inspiring topic of conversation. During the educational and inspiring presentation you'll learn about dog team commands, running positions, mushing basics, equipment, sled harnessing and breading. Than drive your own dog team with guided supervision on the beautiful winter trails. The dogs are always ready for adventure as they tour Alaska by winter and it's glaciers by summer. Native Alaskans bred huskies from wolves for companionship, protection and transportation. Step on the runners for this authentic Alaskan adventure. Winter clothing such as parkas, bibs, boots etc.. are provided. This tour includes the round trip transfer from Anchorage.

Rate per Person: $290.00

Prince William Sound Glacier & Wildlife Cruise (AKS02)

A rich variety of wildlife thrives year-round in Prince William Sound, and you can cruise these spectacular waters in the comfort of our spacious heated cabins. Winter is no obstacle to your enjoying the beauty of alpine glaciers, jagged shorelines and towering rocky outcroppings through our vessels' large picture windows. We commonly see Steller sea lions, sea otters, Dall's porpoise, and perhaps even Orca or Humpback whales. There is also a variety of ducks and waterfowl present at this time of the year. Join the 4 hr cruise to see the massive tidewater glaciers of Alaska at Blackstone Bay and Beloit Glacier - some of the most amazing sights you will ever see. Cruise along Passage Canal and venture into magnificent Blackstone Bay, home to seven glaciers and Yosemite-scale waterfalls. During our adventure you’ll step ashore to experience the natural geology and thick rainforest. Enjoy a snack and hot drink as you reflect on your journey and this magnificent nook of Alaska. Trip Highlights: ✓ Wildlife and winter scenery ✓ Alpine and piedmont glaciers ✓ Narration by accredited interpreters ✓ 4 1/2 hour cruise, approx 60 miles round trip ✓ Stopover at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center ✓ Photostop at Portage Lake ✓Professional Driver / Guide ✓Courtesy Hotel Pick Up & Drop off

Rate per Person: $280.00 (including guided tour and stopover at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Portage Lake)

Deluxe Anchorage City Sightseeing Tour (AKS03)

Let our driver-guide show you some of Anchorage's historical points of interest in this sprawling city of over 250,000 full-time residents. Watch for attractions like the Log Cabin Visitor Center and its Crossroads of the World Signpost, Ship Creek Viewpoint overlooking Cook Inlet and the Alaska Railroad Depot, Resolution Park with its Captain Cook Monument, and the Museum of History & Art. Continue to Alaska's largest (Ski) Floatplane Base at Lake Hood and the nearby Earthquake Park, the site of the memorial of the 1964 Earthquake. See what happened to the land as it broke apart and slid into the Cook Inlet. Cook Inlet views and pictures from here are a favorite for guests!

Rate per Person: $80.00 

Van Zyle Siberian Husky Kennel and Art Gallery Tour (AKS04)

Van Zyle completed the Iditarod twice and maintains today a husky kennel near Anchorage. From these adventures he has created the yearly Iditarod poster series commemorating the race and his involvement. Since 1979 he is the official Iditarod artist and in 2004 he was included into the Iditarod Hall of Fame. A book of his art and life "The Best of Alaska - the Art of Jon Van Zyle" were published in 1990 and since then continuously updated. His original paintings are exhibited in many galleries in the USA & Europe. We offer an exclusive 3-4 hour tour from Anchorage, starting around 1:00 pm - which includes a visit of the sled dog kennel, the Art Studio and a lecture about dog sledding, the Iditarod and his exceptional life in Alaska. A mini print of the current official Iditarod poster (Value: $22.00) is included.

Rate per Person: $115.00  (from/to Anchorage)

Mt.McKinley Flight Sightseeing Tours (AKS05)

You'll fly within 6-Miles of McKinley's 20.320 ft summit. Get a magnificent view of large glacier, ice-falls, mountain peaks and valleys and see how the last ice age has shaped the area. Continue to the Kahiltna Glacier and Ruth Glacier with it's Great Gorge -  with over 9.000 ft the world deepest gorge. The flight continues to the Sheldon Amphitheatre – the largest of its kind in the world. Another highlight may be the Wickersham Wall – a 14.000 ft continuous rise of rock and ice. During the tour you may catch also sights of mountain climbers. All flights include window seat and hotel transfers in Anchorage Duration: 3 Hours

Rate per Person: $415.00  (from/to Anchorage)

Turnagain Arm Tour and Snowshoe Stroll (AKS06)

Leave Anchorage for a 7 hour sightseeing tour. You will drive along Turnagain Arm with dramatic views of mountain scenery and the inlet with the second highest tide in North America. Watch out for Beluga Whales, Dall Sheep and other wildlife. Once in Girdwood, we’ll take the tram up the mountain for the view of the valley below. You’ll be able to see the inlet, the valley, and the snowy meadows where we will snowshoe. Next we descend on the tram and strap on the snowshoes. Heading off into the forest, your guide will talk about the history of snowshoes and the technique to using them successfully. This is a one-hour walk through a rainforest and snowy meadows of Glacier Valley. After snowshoeing, will warm up with some homemade soup at our favorite local eatery, The Bake Shop! Your bottomless soup comes with sourdough bread, dessert, and beverages (hot or cold). So tasty! Lastly, we’ll head to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. The Center houses rescued wild Alaskan animals that were injured or orphaned and would not have survived on their own. You will get to visit with moose, elk, caribou, musk-ox, eagles, and many more! Then enjoy the scenery during the drive back to Anchorage.

Rate per Person: $199.00

Glacier Valley Snowmachine Tour (AKS07)

There is nothing like the thrill of driving your own snowmobile! Riders over 16 each get their own machine to cruise through the wilderness on this 8-hour tour. On these machines, we can really see "back country" like we cannot from the highway. Many Alaskans own their own machines and spend the winter weekends outdoors basking in the midday sun and cruising the wilderness on snowmobiles, pumping up the adrenaline - it's what keeps us going! You won't regret really getting out there to see what the Chugach Mountains have to offer you. Wind through open fields, see beaver ponds, and frozen waterfalls. Under the right conditions your professional snowmobile guide will take you out to the glacier to see the icebergs and caves! Considered by many as a “Blue Ice Paradise!” Tour includes transportation, winter gear, glacier water, snacks.

Rate per Person: $360.00  (Duration: 8 hrs, Transportation from/to Anchorage Included)

Fairbanks Snowmachine Tour (AKS08)

Guided Snow Machine Tour around the Chena Lakes Recreational area only accessed by snowmachine. On this snowmobile tour, your guide will lead you through a true winter wonderland you haven't seen before. Explore Fairbanks’ breathtaking surroundings by snowmobile through a beautiful winter wonderland, crossing frozen lakes and rivers, scenic mountains, endless remote trails and hopefully wildlife such as moose, fox or snowshoe hare. The Chena Lakes Recreation area offers a variety of beautiful and well-maintained trails, lakes and rivers ensuring an adventure of a lifetime. No experience necessary.

Rate per Person: $120.00  (Duration: 1 hr, Round Trip Hotel Transfer $35)