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About us | Iditarod Trail Tours Organizer

Linda Snyder - Tour Guide: Linda has been with us for five years and says she loves showing her wonderful country to visitors from around the world. "Alaska Travel & Tourism Network LTD" is a small and specialized winter touring company says Linda, "and all our guests comment on not only the friendliness of the Alaskan people, the incredible scenery, and some outstanding places we visit and stay, but also on the excellent service we provide throughout each of our tours. Linda acknowledges that many guests are fulfilling a lifelong dream by visiting Alaska and Northern Canada and "I do my best to make sure they all dream about coming back" she says - Every tour I do has the WOW factor. So please come and visit us and join us on one of our incredible tours.
Marcel Beringer - Tour Guide: Hello and a warm welcome to Alaska ! My name is Marcel and I am one of the professional tour guides behind the company and responsible for everything around our Iditarod Sled Dog Race trips. I grew up in Switzerland and developed a love for the great outdoors on many Alaska and Yukon wilderness tours and expeditions before moving to Seattle for the summer months. When Alaska becomes "alive" during the winter months I am up north again to enjoy x-country skiing within remote backcountry areas, Aurora viewing and photography, sled dog tours and snowmobiling. Remember:  when planning a holiday, knowledge, information and inspiration are the three keys to success. We have it - so lets start planning !
David Crossing - Senior Tour Guide: I am a native of San Francisco before moving to Alaska. From my family's frequent vacation I caught the travel bug very early. A great curiosity to explore North America continues to be a major theme in my life. This once resulted in a five-year adventure to Alaska. the Yukon Territory and Nunavut. Education and service has always been the principle components of my professional life. Following my study at the San Francisco State University, I moved into the tourism industry and spend four years guiding several groups throughout Alaska and Canada. My hobbies are deep-powder skiing, hiking and kayaking. I am now for about eight years with this company and I still love it.

Alaska Travel and Tourism Network LTD:
Our exemplary service extends beyond our tour guides to every member of our firm. From our Reno, Nevada based operation and reservation team, to local guides, professional drivers, Cessna and Beaver aircraft pilots, individual wilderness lodge operators and hotel staff, we take care of you from the start to finish ensuring your holiday is seamless, insightful and comprehensive. And most of all - truly memorable ! We are specialized in winter tourism and travel niche market activities for over 10 years and we do know the Alaskan and Canadian Yukon Territory wilderness areas extremely well because we have escorted many small groups and individuals, members of the professional print media and even international TV teams during the past years with great success and completely hassle free, save and secure. Our company is known as the very best in business and have become renowned as a highlight of the tour itself. We are looking forward to welcome YOU on one of our next tours.