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Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race - Guest's Feedback

Iditarod - Reviews & Feedback

Please tell us about your Iditarod experience ! Your opinion is worth a lot to us and only through your detailed feedback we can make our travel offers even better!

Diana, Auckland: I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put into planning this trip. It was a wonderful trip. I would advise anyone who was thinking about going to see the Iditarod Race to do so. The transportation was excellent, and the accommodations were conveniently situated. Given that the vacation was planned 18 months in advance and that the airfare was arranged at that time, everything was ideal. Thank you once again.

Stephen, NY: I agree, the tour was fantastic. You get a good view of Anchorage and the surrounding area in addition to all the different Iditarod components. Everything was set up flawlessly. The tours were always on time. The schedule was highly varied, and the guide was always with us when needed. Vern thoroughly explained the rules of the race, the dogs, the sled, and the musher to us. Vern is an excellent storyteller who can draw from personal experience. After a delicious meal, we went on a sled dog ride with the dogs and enjoyed driving it.

Renette, Ontario: Every booking went without a hitch, and my family had a great stay. One of the joys of the journey was the musher's banquet table, which was conveniently located close to the hotel. It was incredible to see how modestly these elite athletes carry themselves. The fly-in to Rainy Pass checkpoint was my favorite part. I'm considering returning the following year and visiting the Arctic Circle. Do you organize any tours in conjunction with the Yukon race in February?

Mindy, Texas:  Every part of the checkpoint schedule for the Iditarod Race is one that we remember with affection. We now have a deep appreciation for the Iditarod and its significance to Alaskan culture, as well as awe for the mushers, dogs, and race officials. We were really grateful for the excellent service and the realistic perspectives on the Alaskan landscape provided by Rainy Pass Lodge. Alaska in the winter is really worth the journey, and I had a terrific time there.

Nick, CA: The trip to see the Iditarod Race was fantastic! Iditarod and the Northern Lights were two items on my bucket list that I was able to see. As an older man with early mobility limitations, I do have a few suggestions for improvement. Although the information you provided was generally excellent, I didn't see any advice to pack equipment, such as a set of collapsible ski poles, to make it easier to walk in the snow, especially downhill. It would have greatly facilitated my travel to Rainy Pass and Wilson. I'm very happy I got to travel, and I'm also grateful that my sons were there to help me out when I needed it.  The staff at Chena Hot Springs Resort and at Rainy Pass were simply outstanding in their dealing with visitors. I would definitely recommend your tours to friends.Without a doubt, I would suggest your excursions to friends.

If you traveled recently throughout Alaska and the Yukon Territory, send us your photos and a few words about what made the moment you captured special. Please send photos in landscape format only, at least 300dpi.